Feedback from workshop attendees:-

“Thank you Gold and Julia for making sense to me! Great way of looking at disordered eating and valuing the client as a whole person not just a diagnosis” (thank you we thought Prof Julia Buckroyd was wonderful too!)


“Excellent on all fronts”

“Christiane Sanderson was so friendly and knowledgable. I gained so much from this workshop even though I had previous training in working with trauma. Thank you Gold, please book her again!” (You’re welcome! We have rebooked Chrissie for November…more working with trauma coming!)

“Absolutely wonderful day! Many, many insights – feeling more confident in my daily practice now!”

“Hotel venue was lovely. Good room and the refreshments were delicious! Bacon and egg rolls in the first break! Yummy!….”

“I really enjoyed listening to Windy and felt challenged by his approach yet able to safely talk about how I felt. Interesting” (Single session work with the great Windy Drydon)

Easy booking system and excellent workshop. Refreshing not to trek to London for such high quality training. Thank you Gold” (most welcome..we wanted quality CPD in Kent!)

“Fantastic workshop. Useful information sent out by Gold beforehand. Very informative”

“Too much food!….not good for my waistline but wonderfully helpful for my client work!”

“Finally some CPD that actually caters for what I need as a private practice counsellor. I feel like I actually came away from the day with tools and ideas immediately useful in the room with my clients. Thank you Gold staff for making the day run smoothly too”

“I’ve read all of Robin’s supervision books so felt privileged to be in the room with him. Truly inspirational day, thank you” (Robin Shohet the supervision expert – a special day had all by all)

“Gold staff are warm and friendly and clearly passionate about providing top quality CPD. They have gone above and beyond most training I’ve attended. Can’t wait for the next ones!!!”

“Please can we have Mick back again!! Brilliant day!!” (Prof Mick Cooper making fans along the way!)

“Highly rate Gold workshops. Have attended several now and all are consistently delivering the best learning experience. I felt in awe of being in the same room as Margot and literally was bowled over by what I came away with…deeper learning and understanding of working with children and teens and a wee bit excited to implement her ideas and wisdom. Thank you Gold! I’ll be back!” (the legend that is Margot Sunderland)

“Thank you Gold Partnership for another amazing day! Great venue, food delish, Sir Richard was incredible…! What a day!” (Sir Richard bowlby really WAS incredible!)