We provide clinical supervision to counselling students and qualified counsellors as well as other helping professionals such as teachers, social workers, youth workers and those providing listening and supportive roles within their work. This can be in the form of group or individual supervision.

At Gold we value the highly confidential nature of supervision and operate within the professional boundaries laid down by the BACP. All records are maintained in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Supervision at Gold will be a supportive forum in which to review and reflect on all aspects of clinical work in order to ensure the best possible outcome for clients. The relationship between supervisor and supervisee(s) is at the heart of good supervision and all our supervisors are skilled in providing such a warm and nurturing relationship.

AIM: Supervision aims to provide a collaborative forum for supporting, developing and monitoring the supervisee’s work in counselling.


  • To enable the supervisee to review their work and to receive constructive feedback and guidance
  • To develop knowledge, skills and values by reflecting on performance
  • To identify and monitor professional learning and development needs, interest, goals and action plans
  • To constructively discuss the resolution of any conflict that may arise between supervisee, team and/or organisations
  • To provide a space for more general reflection on the experience of work
  • To keep up to date with professional developments and monitor ethical issues
  • To support the supervisee’s overall growth in confidence, competence and creativity

If you are interested in booking supervision with Gold or would like further information please contact us. We look forward to beginning a supervisory relationship with you or your organisation.