Robin Shohet


Robin Shohet is the author of many books on clinical supervision, including Passionate Supervision (2007) and is co-author of the seminal training text for supervisors Supervision in the Helping Professions (with Peter Hawkins). He is co-founder of the Centre for Supervision and Team Development. Robin has supervised for over thirty years and co–founded the Centre for Supervision and Team Development in 1979.

The Fear & Love in Supervision


Professor Mick Cooper

mick-cooperMick Cooper is a Professor of Counselling at the University of Strathclyde and a Chartered Counselling Psychologist. Mick is the author of several well-known texts in the counselling and psychotherapy field, including Existential Therapies  (Sage, 2003), Working at relational depth in counselling and psychotherapy  (Sage, 2005, co-authored with Dave Mearns), Essential Research Findings in Counselling and Psychotherapy  (Sage, 2008) and Pluralistic Counselling and Psychotherapy  (Sage, 2005, co-authored with John McLeod).

Working at Relational Depth


Sir Richard Bowlby

sir-richard-bowlbyBefore his formal retirement, Sir Richard worked as a scientific photographer in various medical research institutions  He now gives lectures to healthcare professionals to promote a much broader understanding of his father’s work on attachment theory.  In 2004 he gave the opening lecture at the Winnicott Memorial Lecture; and this was published in book form by Karnac, “Fifty Years of Attachment Theory”, on behalf of the Winnicott Clinic of Psychotherapy

Attachment Theory from the Inside