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Some useful Apps for helping worry, panic and anxiety…all are FREE !
Thursday, Apr 23, 2015

Whilst chatting to a teenage client last week about how much anxiety and panic there seems to be in this modern age we discovered we had some similar Apps on our phones that were useful for dealing with such worries.

This led me to ponder how the smart phone is such a double edged sword with being available 24/7 and the stress that brings versus the incredible world of online information and Apps that are out there for us to play with and lose hours of our precious time!

So staying on the positive aspect of smart phones here are a few Apps I find useful that may be helpful to you or your clients.

I’d love to hear if you have any recommendations of Apps you also love….please share.


(click on each heading to go directly to websites)


A brilliant app for learning MINDFULNESS and building your technique from beginner to expert. I’ve had this on my iPhone for a year now and love it!

You start with short ten-minute mindfulness meditations that are clear and simple to follow. The visuals are excellent. It is a doable meditation that fits into your day.

Here’s an excerpt from the website:

“Headspace is meditation made simple, a way of treating your head right. Using proven meditation and mindfulness techniques we’ll show you how to train your mind for a healthier, happier, more enjoyable life”

The Worry Box

A useful app for general worriers, it helps identify what your worrying thoughts actually are and offers ways to think differently and find ways to be more in control of worry. For those who have thoughts going round and round in their heads that prevent sleep, cause headaches, fear, tension and irritability, this app is great!

There is even a relaxing audio to ease stress and tension.


SAM (self-help anxiety management) app is a lovely visually fun app for generalized anxiety and panic.

If you click on the “help for anxiety now” button it will help you diffuse a panic attack using breathing techniques, focusing and encouraging you to read information about panicky feelings. There are many suggestions to aid and manage panic as well as tools to use to enable you to learn where your anxiety comes from and how to take control.

Relax Melodies

Now I love this app !

If you have trouble switching your mind off at the end of the day and fall asleep….this is excellent! You create your own combination of ‘sounds’ that you personally find relaxing to listen to, such as a crackling fire (my favorite), fine rain, thunder storm, leaves rustling, wind chimes (my least favorite!) even a cat purring!

There is a timer so you can program it to stop once you have fallen asleep.