The Web of Shame in the Therapeutic Space – Christiane Sanderson

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The Web of Shame in the Therapeutic Space – Christiane Sanderson

chrissiepicChristiane will be discussing how we need to recognise and identify client and practitioner shame. You will learn about responses to shame, defences against it and what our own and our clients’  “shame mask” may be. 

Schedule: 10am to 4.00pm (registration and breakfast refreshments at 9.30am)
Included: Tea & Coffee, hot buffet lunch, afternoon snacks, CPD Certificate (6 hours) and limited free Parking*
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Shame is like a virus that infects the soul and yet remains largely hidden.

As a social emotion shame regulates social behaviour and is often shrouded in secrecy and silence. It will explore when healthy shame can become chronic, or toxic and its crippling effect on individuals, in particular those that carry the burden of intergenerational shame and are raised in shame prone families, or who have histories of abandonment, prolonged or systematic emotional, physical or sexual abuse, neglect or exposure to domestic violence.

This seminar will examine the complex nature of shame, its origins and function. It will distinguish between healthy shame and chronic shame, shame and guilt and its relationship to hubristic and authentic pride. It will explore the impact of chronic shame and long term effects, and identify the various defences against shame such as withdrawal, attacking self, avoidance and attacking others and their link to self-harm, addictions, repugnant obsessions, perfectionism, narcissism, grandiosity, rage and violence.

The focus will be on being able to identify not just clients shame but also practitioner shame and how this impacts on the therapeutic relationship and the therapeutic process.

Awareness of practitioner shame and their defences against shame is critical in being able to work through shame and minimise the risk of re-shaming clients.

Alongside enhancing awareness of shame in both client and practitioner in the clinical setting, the focus will be on how to release shame and build shame resilience through a range of therapeutic techniques and strategies as well as experiential exercises. Emphasis will be placed on creative, right brain based exercises such as the embodiment of shame, unpeeling the masks of shame, use of nesting dolls, and re-apportioning shame as well compassion focused exercises to promote healing, restore authentic pride and build shame resilience.

About the speaker

Christiane Sanderson (BSc, MSc)

Christiane has a BSc 1st Class Honours degree in Psychology from University College London and a MSc in Counselling Psychology. She is a member of the British Psychological Society with 24 years of research and clinical experience in childhood sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence and complex trauma. Religious sexual abuse. Sexual exploitation by counsellors and therapists. Trauma, PTSD and Dissociation. Secondary Traumatic Stress in professionals working with trauma. Sexuality and sexual dysfunction, in particular paedophilia and sado-masochism.

Christiane is a lecturer in psychology and counselling at the University of Roehampton and a Sessional Lecturer at Birkbeck College, the University of London. She also lectures at the City Literary Institute.
Christiane is Trustee to the charity One in Four who provide specialist long term counselling to survivors of childhood sexual abuse, sexual and domestic violence. She is also an External Moderator to the MSc in Child Psychotherapy by the Metanoia Institute.
Christiane is featured on a range of broadcasts on sexual violence, child sexual abuse and child protection issues, domestic violence and complex trauma. She has written many books including:
Counselling Skills for Working with Trauma (picture below), Counselling Survivors of Domestic Abuse, Counselling Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, The Seduction of Children, Counselling Survivors of Interpersonal Trauma, The Warrior Within, The Spirit Within.

shame book

Christiane is highly skilled at delivering quality training and is very kind, supportive and professional. She always encourages us to fully participate in her workshops and leave with plenty of ideas, skills and resources to help our client work.

Gold are thrilled and privileged to be able to work once again with Chrissie and to offer this inspiring day to you all.



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