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Schedule: 10am to 4.00pm (Registration and breakfast refreshments at 9.30am)
Included: Tea & Coffee, Buffet lunch, CPD Certificate (6 hours) and free Parking

These courses are popular, so to avoid disappointment please book early.


  • Robin Shohet

Robin Shohet is the author of many books on clinical supervision, including Passionate Supervision (2007) and is co-author of the seminal training text for supervisors Supervision in the Helping Professions (with Peter Hawkins). He is co-founder of the Centre for Supervision and Team Development. Robin has supervised for over thirty years and co–founded the Centre for Supervision and Team Development in 1979.

He divides his time between London and the Scottish spiritual community at Findhorn. Supervision offers us the opportunity to bring into awareness both our passion and our defences. In this workshop we will examine our core beliefs as supervisors and will see how well these support us when taking ‘leaps into the unknown’.

We will also explore the issue of fear within supervision, both ours and of our supervisees, and the role this plays. We will also identify some risks and uncertainties associated with supervising in order to strengthen ourselves. Lastly, we will focus on taking a ‘supervisory attitude’ in our work, so that we can channel our compassion for our supervisees – and ourselves!

The workshop will be based on Robin’s chapter in Passionate Supervision. His experience is that fear comes into our lives in ways that don’t obviously look like fear – such as blame, criticism, comparisons, giving unsolicited advice, the need to be right, and shame. All these can operate at a subtle level in the supervisory relationship.

Using the safety of the group we will bring aspects of our work where we have felt disempowered to see if there is parallel process of fear in the system, before finding creative ways of moving beyond it. We will start an appreciative enquiry on supervision, followed by examining our core beliefs around supervision.

  • Fear – using questions in our supervision sessions to bring out ‘what are you afraid to tell me?’
  • Risks – exploring the danger of over-compensating in our approach as supervisors e.g. being too protective of our clients. We will exchange stories where this has happened or could happen.
  • Love and compassion -‘what do you love in your work as a supervisor?’ Taking the ‘supervisory attitude’ forward in our work to get the balance right with our clients.



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