Debra Canning – Trainer


Reg MBACP, Integrative Counsellor, Couples Counsellor, Crisis worker, Trainer and Supervisor

Debra is an integrative counsellor and has experience of counselling adults, young people, children and couples. She has also worked as a crisis worker for victims of rape and sexual abuse. She has worked as a counsellor in schools and the NHS and also for the local council supporting teenagers, as well as having a successful private practice.

In her roles she’s had specialist training in Couple/Relationship Counselling,and also with the Police, Forensic Medical Examiners and experts in the field of childhood sexual abuse and rape and also holds a Certificate in Filial Training.
She is called upon as the local expert for her local paper for counselling advice.

Debra also used to be heavily involved in support and advice for TAMBA (Twins And Multiple Birth Association) and INUK (Infertility Network UK)